🪐The phrase “the sky’s the limit” is widespread.
🌠But in a rapidly evolving society like today, is the sky really our limit?
✨Or can we, endowed with knowledge, team spirit and a little imagination, discover new worlds and new aspects of pharmaceutical science that we may have never considered?
🚀With our motto “the sky’s the limit…or not?” we intend to combine two of the most prodigious and admirable sciences, Pharmaceutical Science and Space
Science into one congress: PharmaSpace!
🌌This congress is an original event, full of motivation and creativity, that aims to promote interdisciplinarity.
➡️Therefore, PharmaSpace brings students in contact with members from various scientific fields, lays the foundations for exchanges of ideas and collaborations, and motivates new research orientations.
⌛️Registrations open on the 19th of April.
🗓On May 7,8 and 9 we take off!