Handle Antibiotics with care!

What can we do?

  1. Always consult your doctor before using antibiotics.
  2. Finish the whole prescription, even if you feel better.
  3. Do not use antibiotics that you have home from previous treatments.
  1. Do not  take an antibiotic because it was effective on someone else.
  1. Limit the spread of infections by taking care of your personal hygiene. Cough at the inside part of your arm  in the elbow area, wash your hands frequently, avoid close contact with sick people and get the necessary vaccines often.???


Why is it necessary to use antibiotics correctly?

Due to the growth of resistant bacteria, antibiotics become ineffective against them.


What is the cause of resistant bacteria development ?

Over-consumption of antibiotics In patient non-compliance with the treatment

Overuse of antibiotics in livestock and aquaculture

In the omission of taking the necessary antibiotics 

In reduced care for personal and public hygiene and

In the inability to continuously develop new antibiotics.


Antibiotic Resistance – How It Spreads

The development of antibiotic resistance is maintained and reinforced by two factors:

  • Overuse of antibiotics leading to the development of resistant strains and their spread from patients to healthy individuals.
  • Through the use of antibiotics in livestock and aquaculture resulting in the creation of resistant bacteria that can then be passed to humans through food, water and direct contact with the animals.