At the 28th of February GPSF members took part in the information and awareness campaign about Eating Disorders. The information session was aimed at students and took place at the canteen area at the School of Science. 

Food disorders are potentially fatal illnesses that affect millions of people worldwide. They are illnesses of physical and mental nature simultaneously and they do not depend on age, sex, nationality or socioeconomic status. While the origin and the causes of their emergence are not well-defined, it is true that it involves biological, psychological and sociopolitical factors. Immediately provided and intensive treatment programs lead to the patients’ recovery. However, in cases of long-term illnesses the patients may not recover fully because of irreversible damage to the body. For this reason, awareness, early diagnosis as well as knowledge of the therapeutic measures and the support services available make for important parameters. 

It’s important to enhance the effort in promoting human physique diversity and body acceptance. Every human being needs to pursue their mental and physical improvement, within normal limits, respecting their own diversity and without it resulting in setting extremely high standards and being turned into obsession. 

You can see photo material from our action below!