Pharmacogenomics is rapidly assuming an integral part in modern health care. Still, its broad applicability relies on the feasibility of performing pharmacogenomic testing in all clinical settings, including in remote areas or resource-limited settings with budget restrictions. In this study, we describe the development and feasibility of rapid and reliable pharmacogenomics assays using a portable molecular biology laboratory, namely the 2MoBiL (Mobile Molecular Biology Laboratory). More precisely, we demonstrate that the genotyping of rs4149056, located within SLCO1B1, can be efficiently and reliably performed using the 2MoBiL portable laboratory and conventional benchtop laboratory equipment and a gold standard genotyping method (KASP assay) as directly comparable methodologies. Taking into account the compact size of 2MoBiL, which directly and positively impacts on its portability, and the high accuracy achieved, we conclude that the 2MoBiL-based genotyping method is warranted for further studies in clinical practices at remote areas and resource-limited as well as time-constrained planetary health settings. To contextualize the broader and potential future applications of 2MoBiL, we emphasize that genotyping of a limited set of clinically relevant single-nucleotide polymorphisms is often a common endpoint of genomics and pharmacogenomics discovery and translational research pipeline. Hence, rapid genotyping by 2MoBiL can be an essential catalyst for global implementation of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine in the clinic. The Clinical Trial Registration number is NCT03093818.

Psarias G, Iliopoulou E, Liopetas I, Tsironi A, Spanos D, Tsikrika A, Kalafatis K, Tarousi D, Varitis G, Koromina M, Siamoglou S, Patrinos GP. Development of Rapid Pharmacogenomic Testing Assay in a Mobile Molecular Biology Laboratory (2MoBiL). OMICS. 2020 Nov;24(11):660-666. doi: 10.1089/omi.2020.0168. Epub 2020 Oct 16. PMID: 33064577.