Efstathios P. Efstathopoulos 

Professor of Medical and Radiation Physics, School of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). Head of 2nd Department of Radiology at “Attikon” University Hospital.

He has 27 years working experience as Medical Physicist as Radiation Protection Supervisor at Medical Diagnostic Center of Piraeus “Hippocrates” and Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center

Teaching activities
He is teaching undergraduate students at Medical School and Nurse School, NKUA and in Medical Physics Postgraduate Program, University of Patras.

He is Scientific Coordinator of many e-learning programs of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens relative to Nanomedicines”

In 2018 he organized (together with other colleagues from the Medical School and the Pharmaceutical Department of the NKUA) a new Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program in “Nanomedicine”. This program is the only one so far in Greece in the subject.

Clinical work
He is delivering clinical work into the Hospital being Radiation Protection Supervisor for all Radiological units and units of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine.

Research activities
His research focuses on patient and personnel x-ray dosimetry and quantification of the risk, imaging of the heart and blood vessels and applications of nanotechnology in health sciences.
He has published 110 scientific papers in international scientific journals, which have been received about 2200 citations from international literature. He is author of three chapters in scientific books. He has presented more than 100 scientific congress announcements and has given more than 50 invited scientific congress lectures.

Being at the head of “Cooperation of University Professors” ballot, he was elected President of the Hellenic Federation of University Professors the years 2013-2014. He is now a member of 11-members’ Executive Committee of the Federation.
He is a founding member and President of the Hellenic Society of Nanotechnology in Health Sciences (www.hsnanohs.eu). He is member of 3 Scientific Societies (CIRSE, EFIE, EEF)

 20-21 Οκτωβρίου
 Πολεμικό Μουσείο, Αθήνα